Course Notes

One day over lunch at Cardiff Yacht Club

I was asked to assist Jack Taylor with shorebased training. Jack is a veteran of Dunkirk, a former Manx TT competitor and single handed Atlantic sailor - and Yachtmaster instructor. It is an honour to assist Jack with CYC training.

Our club exists due to the voluntary efforts of its members, from operating the club JCB to serving pints across the bar. I was therefore happy to contribute to the training courses, having served a quarter of a century at the chalkface of Education.

The notes below have been produced to help our students with the coastal skipper / yachtmaster training course. I can offer no guarantee as to fitness for purpose; however they are my best effort to date and may be downloaded (1.4 Mb) from the link below:Feedback welcome!

(Last updated  11/12/07)


CYC shorebased training

Jack Taylor on his way to the Azores, single handed.